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1 College Park Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141

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Spring Break Trip to Destin, FL

Join us for our annual spring break trip to Destin, FL! For $100, your hotel and transportation will be provided. Make sure to keep an eye out for sign-up...

Finals Feast

Take a break from studying and join us for a delicious breakfast buffet served by MBU faculty and staff. Expect lots of food, fellowship, games and raffle...

4/20 9pm

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romi gupta

romi gupta left a positive review 3/30/2019

You are given a certain amount of written works to read (books, screenplays, plays... you see the idea.) Then you have a minimum of two hours of seminar each week, during which you sit around with fellow students and discuss literature either extensively (tastes, the industry, etc…) or specifically (focusing on the works you were asked to read or/and the current/genre it implies). Can you do my coursework? Here is an answer