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Community Prayer Walk

All are welcome to attend the community prayer walk. Praying for our community, city and people! This even is hosted by MBU Arnold RLC.

Fall I 8 Week Begins

Fall 8-week classes will begin from 8/23/2021-8/28/2021. Good luck during your first classes of the school year!

Fall Semester Begins

Welcome to MBU all new and returning Spartans!

The Drowning Girls (MBU Theatre)

Based on a true story, The Drowning Girls tells the story of three women, wives of serial murderer George Joseph Smith, who were all drowned while taking a...

Labor Day

No in-person classes will be meeting due to the Labor Day holiday.

Fall Quarter Doctoral Term Begins

Monday, September 20th marks the official start of the Fall Doctoral term. Good luck this week!

Student Assessment/In-Service Day

Wednesday, October 13th there will be no classes meeting due to student assessments and in-service day.

Fall Mid-Terms Begin

Fall-2021 semester midterms will take place from October 14th to October 15th. Good luck Spartans!