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Rec Basketball Cup

3-on-33-4 players, min. 1 girlMBU Students onlyGames at 8:15pm and 9pmBest Record wins

Spartan Field - Wide

All profits go to "It's Your Birthday Inc", a non-profit to help children who are victims of demostic violence still have a birthday celebration. Bring your...

Men's and Women's Competitive Intramural Basketball League

Seperate Men's and Women's competive league. All will play on Wednesday nights Team registration and league overview on 1/15. All games begin 1/225-on-5 max...

Chapel 1/23

Rachel Henry - Speaker, Broken to Brave

Ski Trip

One of the most popular events of the semester is the ski trip at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. These spots fill up quickly, so please sign up in the Student...

Chapel 1/30

Justin Yeary - Assistant Campus Minister

Black History Month

Feburary is Black History Month and ABC will be hosting a variety of events all month to celebrate.

Housing - Wide

Come watch the commercials, and the game too if you are into that sort of thing. Halftime games and lots of snacks will be available!

Speaker Series Feb 4-6

Chapel Speaker Series - TBD